6 years?

June 6, 2017

Been a long time since I even thought about this blog. I found a link to it on my LinkedIn profile (something else I hadn’t really looked at in 6 years). I started scrolling through and noticed some external links no longer existed but things were just interesting to remember. I also noticed that I really enjoyed reading through some past adventures and began being overwhelmed with feelings of wanting to do that again. Ride that is. Truth is I don’t get time on my board much anymore but when I do, I enjoy it more by not trying to document it. I literally rode twice last year at Terminus and the first trip I only rode my wakeskate. That’s it. This has to end, I have to ride more! I want to take a small cable trip soon hitting up terminus, flip side, and Valdosta. Seems like that would be a fun adventure since I’ve never had the opportunity to visit flip side or Valdosta plus I miss Joe Jones and Quin Silvernale. Well that’s all for now I guess enough talking to myself. Til next time!


2010 in review

January 3, 2011

Well it’s been a while and I plan to keep posting my sessions and stuff here even though I’m way over due. I decided to end 2010 with a snowboard trip to Gatlinburg, I’ve been there many times and thought I’d seen the worst. hahaha We left Chattanooga at 6AM and when we were less the an eighth of a mile to the top of the mountain we were turned back down because the parking lots were full. We park at the bottom and get in a two hour line for tram tickets and then one hour line to board the tram. At the top the lines were worse for rental gear and one of our crew needed gear. We decide we’ll just have to wait for the 3pm – 10pm session and have a few beverages since it was only 12:30. At 3pm we start riding and had a blast. Around 7pm we decide we’ve had enough and need to get home for New Years Parties etc.. only to discover a 3 hour line to ride the tram back down. We quickly decide to walk and found a nice person with a big truck heading down and they gave us a lift. So I ended up getting home at 11:28pm just in time for 2011, Happy New Year! Shred it sideways!

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PX12 Diet February 2010


CRUNK!!! STIX March 2010


Brake The Wake 2010 August 2010


Sethitec 2.0 in Norway February 2010

CWSC Oct. 2010

October 23, 2010

Summer is over and the lake has dropped early this year but the first few weekends of October we fully taken advantage of. My cousin Frank Bilbrey filmed this video with his Nikon and the pictures are from various years.

Music: Xzibit – Multiply xzibitcentral.com

Wake Nation

September 12, 2010

Late Happy Birthday celebration for Shaggy aka John Hancock. Shaggy and I headed to Wake Nation in Cincinati OH 9-10-10 along with Wesley Thomas and his friend Zach. Wesley filmed with an old camera I had with me and I put this together with the footy. P.S. Wake Nation is awesome!

Brake The Wake 2010

August 25, 2010

The great folks at WakeFactory.net put on a rail jam July 31, 2010 that was awesome as they always do but this time I won some money. Sweeeeet! There were so many big hitters in the Open Division that I decided to ride the Advanced Division and to my surprise won. I got best trick off the kicker $100 and best trick on the wall ride $100 then my homie Joe Taylor Jones got best trick on the roof top $100, then they suprised my with another $100 for being best over all rider. I was stoked out! I can’t wait to ride there again.

Open Division Results:
Nate Perry – Best Trick Roof Top and Overall Rider
Alex Graydon – Best Trick Kicker
David Luker – Best Trick Wall Ride

Advanced Results:
Seth Pangle – Best Trick Wall Ride, Kicker and Overall Rider
Joe Jones – Best Trick Roof Top

Check out the pics of me shredding those awesome rails.

Still Not Famous

August 25, 2010

Might have to change their name because Raph Derome is pretty famous in my book. I’m not sure if he is the best in the world but he is getting close. Also sorry that it’s been so long without posts or updates, still getting used to the new job and stuff so I have a lot less time for the internet. Hopefully more stuff soon!

This is doing work son!

Bow Down!

July 23, 2010

Brian Reeder is a true rail master and if you don’t believe me just watch how solid this hit is at the Projects! Boom!

Skooch Dementia

July 15, 2010

I have not edited video in a long time. Yesterday was my son’s 5th birthday and after spending a long day spoiling the crap out of him I decided to edit. Couldn’t sleep anyway so these were some clips I’ve captured with the help of my friends at some of the many places I’ve had the chance to skooch upon this year.

Music: (hed)p.e. Song: Hey Bartender
Rider: Seth Pangle
Sponsors: CRUNK!!! Energy Drink, Jet Pilot, h20 Audio, Shadowbox, Fuel Clothing, DX LX, Skeletal Metal

Special Thanks to:
Company Wakeboards, Dirtbag Productions, AL Wake, Shred Ready, Steez Clothing, Aaron Hale, Phil Aslinger, Shaggy, Ian Zinner, Alex Graydon, David Luker, Jeff Mathis, Wes Beardon, GRC, The Wake Shop at ABC, Knox Wake

More GRC Video Leaked

July 8, 2010

Some more video from the GRC trip with Dirtbag Productions, AL Wake and Steez Clothing is up check it out. It’s just some random throw away footage of the chaos and not many riding shots, those are being saved for the team video releasing next year at Spring2Summer 2011.

Axis Clinic Video

June 30, 2010

Last Saturday I had a chance to ride in an Axis boat with Keith Lyman. Randall Harris was also supposed to be there but he had some flight issues with the wonderful airlines so he got delayed and I didn’t get to ride with him. Tyler from Lockdown Media made it out though and shot some film, check it out. By the way Axis is the best boat ever!!!